200 Club

The 200 Club is a monthly draw giving you a chance to win a cash prize. It costs just £5 a month.

Half the money raised is returned in prizes and half goes to course or clubhouse improvements. The prizes are dependent on the number of members in the 200 Club; if there are 100 members prizes will be:

1st £75, 2nd £50, 3rd £30 in Jan, Feb, Apr, May, July, Aug, Oct and Nov
1st £125, 2nd £75, 3rd £50 in March and September
1st £300, 2nd £200, 3rd £125 in June and December
Above: Reconstructing the bunker on the 10th funded by the 200 Club

The prize-winners names are posted on The P&B Facebook page.  Click the link on our Home page.

There are more than 100 members in the 200 and hopefully when folk see we have spent the money raised in 2017 on a replacement bunker for the 10th hole, and plaques for new tee signs, many more of our 700 plus members will also sign up to pay £5 a month so we can achieve even more.

If you want to join the 200 club and help raise money for course / clubhouse improvements, there are plenty of application forms behind the bar and in the Pro shop, or chat to Mike Sixsmith, Ian Cameron or Bill Jones, or email bill.jones4080@gmail.com   
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